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4Mikhail Ozerov was born on June 15th, 1981 in the small town of Ozersk, 2Tchelyabinsk District of Southern Ural Region. His parents Sergey and Natalya, young architects, unanimously named their second son Mikhail after both his grandfathers.

Ivanov’s family often enjoyed music: the parents loved to sing, they listened to variety of modern Russian and foreign singers. By the time he was an year old Misha had been acquainted with the music of Beatles, Ariel, Alexander Gradsky, Pink Floyd, among others.
All this influence did not pass unnoticed – the little Misha started singing himself.

Mikhail managed perfectly to get along his love for music and his boxing skills, both of which he honed during his years at the music school where he put the emphasis on the guitar and piano lessons. After graduation in 1996 Mikhail continued at the choral conducting department of the Music College and in 2000 he was admitted at The Ural Conservatoire  at the choral conducting department.

7Mikhail’s music career started in his student’s years – he was an artist at “Chrystal Chorus” jazz quintet at the Ural State Variety Theater. To honor his hometown, Mikhail took the stage name Ozerov.

After successful participation in several jazz festivals Mikhail went to teach music at the same music college he graduated from. He was also establishing a name for himself as a fine parodist – participated at the competition “Big Difference” in Odessa, Ukraine, (2012); at the television shows “Parodise” (2013) and “The Organization of Certain Nations” (2014), was
part of the “Team of the Bolshoi State Moscow Circus” at the immensely popular Russian humour TV show KVN (2014-2015). 

5In 2014 Mikhail left his teaching job to concentrate his efforts on establishing music career in Moscow. It proved to be a challenge and Mikhail earned his living by teaching music, doing odd jobs and busking at the famous Gorky Park. There came his lucky break – a stranger, later turned competitor and friend, suggested he tries for an audition for the fourth season of “The Voice” (Russia). At the blind audition Mikhail’s rendition of Billy Joel’s
ballad “Honesty” captured the attention of Maestro Alexander Gradsky and the judge welcomed Mikhail in his team. After a series of amazing performances Mikhail reached the final and became one of the audience’s favourites.

At present Mikhail is an artist at Gradsky Hall.